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Buy time and get back
to tasks that drive growth

Administrative Support & Personal Assistance

Don’t let administrative tasks hold you back from growing and maintaining your business.

Laura Korner Virtual Assistant

Why choose a virtual assistant?

Create more time

A helping hand with targeted expertise

Save money

You only pay for what you need on an hourly basis


From Ad Hoc to retainer contracts - you choose the amount of services you require

No location limits

Working together remotely without supplying any infrastructure


Laura has been a game-changer for TEZ. Her invaluable assistance elevated our career to new heights. From booking to press campaigns, her meticulous attention to detail ensured smooth operations. Thanks to her, we reached over 250,000 streams, secured features in prestigious publications like Wonderland Magazine, and successfully coordinated UK and EU tours. Laura’s dedication and professionalism are evident in every task she undertook. We’re immensely grateful for her contributions and excited about our future together. Thank you, Laura!

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